Well Dressed | Short & Sweet Bridesmaids Dresses

Some of the most popular posts on my blog have been the bridesmaids edition and I can totally see why. After reading so many comments & hearing which dresses you loved the most, it was obvious that short, sweet & sassy we’re the dresses you adored most. Here’s some eye candy to sweeten your weekend, enjoy!!

 :: The FAB Credits ::

1 :: Jim Hjelm // 2 ::  SMP //  3 :: SMP // 4 :: SMP // 5 :: Pinterest  // 6 :: Jim Hjelm//  7 :: SMP // 8 :: Green Wedding Shoes //  9 :: Em the Gem // 10 :: Enfianced // 11 :: Beyond Beyond // 12 :: Pinterest // 13 :: Jim Hjelm // 14 :: Google // 15 :: SMP // 16 :: Ruffled Blog //17 :: 100 Layer Cake //18 :: Carly Daniel // 19 :: Wedding Bee // 20 :: Wedding Chicks // 21 :: Gig Masters // 22 :: wedluxe // 23 :: Wedding Chicks // 24 :: Wedding Bee // 25 :: Wedding Chicks

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  • Tiffany

    Hi there,

    Is there anyway to find out where any of the dresses in the pictures are purchased?
    Specifically the one shoulder dresses with a kind of floaty shoulder in the picture in front of what looks to be a red barn :-)
    Hope someone can help


    • The Bridal Detective

      Hello Tiff!

      The bridesmaids dresses are from Priscilla of Boston but unfortunately they are no longer in business.

      Jim Hjelm has a lot of gorgeous styles, hope this can help! If you need anything else, just ask :)ReplyCancel

  • Kathy

    Would you by any chance know where the dresses in photo #4 are from??


  • Cathy McCredie

    Hi would like to know were we could purchase some of these dressesReplyCancel

    • The Bridal Detective

      Hello Cathy,

      I would need to know which ones you are interested in.

      PS – The dresses all have links to the original source where credits are given for the dress designers.ReplyCancel

  • Amazing list! Love it!ReplyCancel

  • Marlene

    These are all beautiful dresses! I’m completely in love. :)
    Unfortunately I still dont know if i’ll be having bridesmaids. I have 2 sisters and 3 best friends and like 8 sister-in laws my fiance wants me to include them all but to be honest i cant really depend on them. 5 bridesmaids sounds better than 13!! that’s just to much. I really dont know what to do! my fiance suggest i dont have any bridesmaids so that i dont hurt anyones feelings. But im still debating. I just dont find it fair. lol
    am i being selfish?
    what do you think?ReplyCancel

    • The Bridal Detective

      Hello Marlene!

      WOW! That’s a great problem to have – TOO many girls to include in your bridal party!

      If having 5 bridesmaids is more of your comfort level, then discuss this with your fiance, I’m sure he will understand. Then reach out to all of your sister-in-laws and see if they would like to host/plan your bridal shower, bachelorette party or even design the bridal suite with goodies to munch on and keep everyone relaxed the morning of. Including them in all of your wedding events will make everyone feel special and don’t forget to take special photos of just them and you on the wedding day. I’m sure everyone will be in agreement that you’re the sweetest bride ever for wanting to include everyone :)

      Hope that helps!! …if you need anything else, just ask!

      PS – Congrats on your future wedding!


  • brandi

    Pic #19. Blush pink, one shoulder dresses!! Where from?? How can I buy them!?ReplyCancel

  • Very beautiful pictures… capture every side of the wedding!ReplyCancel

  • Beverly

    Those pink flared dresses are adorable! The sunnies photo is also pretty choice.ReplyCancel

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